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Tropical Snowmen?

Hey! Morning... well, 10 inches of snow, give or take outside. Woke up at 5:00 hoping to get to school early... mother woke up, kicked me outside to shove. Took about two hours.. hehe, then she told me to stay home saying she didnt' want to driving in the mucky roads. My dad last night came home in the truck and swerved a few times... so she got scared. Can't complain I guess. I'm going to have to deal with my teachers but at least I have some time to finish the work I wanted to do at school this morning.

It's the really heavy wet snow to... packing snow, fun snow. Heh

Anyway.. some highlights. I got to make a snow angel.. the snow tempted me so I fell back into it and started flying on the ground. Amusing, and quite fun... hehe, sitting her soaked and enjoying myself.

I also go to make a snow man with my mom... now, everyone knows I kinda dispise my mom but for this morning, after she calmed down after hours of yelling about the snow and school cancelations she became laid back and build a snow man with me. I guess her preschool kids drive past and want to know where is her snowman :)

It's a Tropical snow man.... Hula skirt, hehe... and a lay. Fun, fun.. kinda quick built but it's a snow man!

Talk to you soon peeps! Gotta go work on some work.. house chores. I'm going to use this day to really catch up on things.



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