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When it comes to being mysterious, that's what you do best. You like to leave others puzzled and speak in riddles. You're not out there for the fame and fortune, you're just being yourself, doing what you do best. You're strong and courageous, and you're always the leader of the pack. You're skillful; people respect you, and you respect people.

Phones Suck!

Just to make it clear to everyone... heh, never call me. Either AIM me or e-mail me. Phones stink :) ToadCreaker83@aol.com , AIM: ToadCreaker83 or NeroFroggie.

Glen thinks so to... Yay! A sweetie that doesn't like talking on them anymore then I do. Saves on long expensive phone calls out of area code... a.k.a... no more parental figures being pissed off. Yippe! Also makes you want to hear a person's voice more often... kinda long for it. The feeling is nice.

No cells for us. *Giggle*

Ttyl peeps!


Just got back from Art class! WHOO Hooo... teacher really liked my stuff. *does a little dance* :) And I got to critque everyone elses stuff... I think she was impressed with my placement and views on art.

*Tumbs Up*

*HUG* :)

it seems i can't stop myself from e-mailing you
it's just what i seem to do, so hopefully it shan't be a problem =)

anywayz, i just figured out a thesis for my film paper and my writings are
going well
and compared to a week ago, my life is much more happiness
and becuz you take some credit for that, this is just another one of those
thanks that we seem to pass around

so hopefully your computer is doing well
and your camera does well, too =)

at least i keep (some of) these e-mails brief =)
much hugs
see ya soon,

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Wow... wonderful week. Sit back and let Davie tell a tale of horrible villians, honorable heros, nasty fairies.. and *cough* ack.. wow, got off track :) To much NERO I guess.

Friday! Left with Pete for Nero... we worked a few hours at the camp before hand so I got 15 dollars docked from the playing fee.

The game was fun... triped on a path of ice and fell flat on my back.. hehe, but I was fine, bounced right back up. Kinda stiff but thats because I was running my head off all weekend... a pretty good game however in the end. A blast.

Came home with Pete at around 11:00pm Saturday night... he had to get home and I was totally cool with that. I was beat tired by Saturday night and had enough roleplaying. I'm tempted just to NPC for a while, free and I find it so much fun.... especially doing cruniches.


After a sucessful weekend I woke up Sunday morning and planned a trip to see Glen :) Kinda still stiff and tense... but whatever. We had planned orginally to meet for the first time next weekend but we both had a free day for the most part and decided to get together after flipping a coin a few times. Heads-we got together. hehehehe..

It wasen't a bad ride and was totally worth it. Northwestern is a ways but it's a nice drive.

We decided just to walk down the Lakefront... stopped at a beach and played in the sand for hours, under the warm afternoon sun, talking for hours about everything and nothing :) The weather was perfect, the wind fine.. and the sun warm. We both couldn't belive it was a Janurary day. hehe, anyway... we built little holes and castle things... buried each others legs in the sand (yes, we where in shoes and pants) hehehe... kinda held hands and buried them together, funny how warm cold sand can get if body parts are stuck underneath together. :) We had a blast just being creative and rammbling for hours. No one in my life have I clicked better with. Kind a innocent love... it's a blast.

We rammbled about everything..., watched all the people riding, walking, running, the dogs while walking... talked about the trees, the sky, books, cartoons, sand, leaves... hehe, one thing jumped to another. We didn't take our eyes off of each other.

He doesnt' even come close to his pictures... said the same of me.. hehe. Kinda that grubby noble look... LOVE it *Smiles* Very happy about that, but even more happy at how well our minds click.. We're like twins, or pretty close. Something is just on the same level.. we hold our morals in the same regard, loves, hates... hehe, I'm in heaven. This guy is to perfect and he basically thinks the same of me. *SMILE* Perhapes I'm being to self absorbed or assuming to much... hehe.

We parted late in the afternoon due to the fact he had a meeting for a class to get to. :) Shared a sinceere thank you, a deep hug, and eager wanting to get together again.... hehe, we didn't even kiss and actually I really didn't want to. I know we both wanted to just wait knowing we'd have plenty of time in the future to do things like that. Once again, assumption.. but I sure hope not. :)

Your a peach Glen! We're getting together this weekend for sure... and we both wanna see Monster's Inc again... hehe, and both agreed that it even was better then Lord of the Rings. Don't get me wrong.. I loved LOTR, but Monsters Inc was just pure humor :) Not potty humor like shriek, or a awesome story like LOTR, but just sweet and funny.

Can't wait! To Warmth (as Glen puts it), Buttered Brocolli, and the moisturier that sand can be :) Soft hands... Soft Hands.

Huzah! Hehehe, Life is good.

Wayfarer of Warm Sundays

A little Birdy told me :)

yes, again =)

hehe, hopefully you can forgive me being such a communication whore
but i enjoy it ever so much =)

anywaz, just thought i'd say goodnite and all that stuff, and probably good
morning and afternoon depending on when you read this
or if you read this cuz maybe in the night time you forgot how to read or
the reading part of your brain was stabbed

anywayz, i'm 'warm' and you're largely responsible for this sudden lack of
so i can go to sleep and actually look forward to things

hmm, don't know when you leave for nero, so i'll say have a good time now,
just in case =)
have enjoyment, good sir
always enjoyment =)


There is always hope out there for those who chance and look :)
It just takes a really long time if your a odd ball like me.. hehe

Happiness or Gas? :) Not sure... heh.

I've got a stomach ache.. but it's one of those good stomach aches that you have when your realize something wonderful and beauitful happens in your life... and it's just filling up all the empty spaces inside of you. :) hehe, kinda like two many Krispy Cremes.

I've been talking to a awesome guy, Glen :) He's attending college right now at a state school, 20, roleplays... doesn't like to club, dance, drink :) Graduated first in his class, wonderful guy.. intellgent, smart, witty, humble,.. and morbidly funny at times like me. :) Addorably cute to.. in that handsome, noble outcast sorta way. I'd compare him to Aragon (the ranger) in the Lord of the Rings.. but younger and more stunning. That strong, intellegent look behind welcoming eyes. :)

Hehe, anyway.. we've been rammbling on for a week now each evening about nothing. Conversations have been lasting hours with tons of little jokes, interests, hobbies.. loves, filled with emotion and being. Anything we bring into conversation each of us seems to be able to jump on it and put something into it. I've never felt such a connection with anyone in my entire life... friends family, no one. Both of our jaws where dropping really. It's like we talk in s'ync... both writing a poem :) Playing off each others words.. it's a blast.

Hehe.. we both used to imagine and play with legos as kids. We each set up whole cities in our basements, fight evil and bad guys with them... dream. We talked for over a hour about this alone *chuckles* So much fun.. He's probally going to make a stop motion film with them and invited me to help right off the bat :) I went totally... it's a awesome idea anyway. *chuckles* Really did genuinly intrest me.

We both read Dragonlance, fantasy books.. roleplay, want to find a running partner, he's going into the same feild I kinda want to, we both view life and people the same way... both find happiness and enjoyment from much of the same things... He also Drooled over NERO... hehehe! This guy rocks...

Hehe, we both consider each other a dusty book in a pile of new releases... a rare find :) especially in this world... there aren't to many cute gay roleplayers. I think we really admire each other... I know we do. I've been having a blast!


Crazy, and really werid thing however that freaked the both of us out was he went to Downers Grove North when I was there as a Freshman and Sophmore! *BLINKS* GET THAT! We might have even had art class together... and If I joined the outdoors/enviromental club a year earilier... which I was thinking of as a sophmore I would have met him and we might have even been in a relationship by now? Werid huh... eep! Damn, we where saying we might have even had each other in art class! :)

The thing that tops it all however is he lives on my same FUCKING STREET! A 2 minute drive away! :) We grew up in the same neighborhood basically.. always had the same interests in like everything, just never met. He's at school right now but when he comes home for weekends and things he's right here.
School is only 40 or so minutes away in good traffic.. so thats not bad either.

FUCKING SMALL WORLD! *Giggles Insanly* I've never smilied this pure and totally happy in a long time... I no longer have that stinky feeling of hopelessness of never finding people like me and with my interests. I kinda snuffed out Glen's same view of that to :) We can get over how werid this is...

We're just getting really close. We haven't said anything on the relationship level yet because he's kinda a quiet guy in that sense and I don't think either of us want to rush into anything because I think we really view each other as something extremly special.... being we understand EVERY FUCKING THING of each others lives so far... hehehehe... WOW. :) He is really romantic, his word, his thoughts... we've been hinting, it's fun. Extremely.. we both know where each others thoughts and hearts are.

He's coming in from school next weekend and I'm sure we're going to get together... he has a filming project to do this weekend and I might go and enjoy a weekend of Nero with a few friends. It's just cool because I don't feel a need to rush anything, or get together... :) We don't out right say it, but I think we both know that things aren't going anywhere, in regards to us losing intrest... hehe, he's that kinda person to.

He already said he was planning on making me something for next weekend.. hehe, he said he might not be done :) Curious what it is. I'm thinking of making him something to. I've got a warm creative rush!

Content and humbled :)
By far... engulfed by that warm tingly feeling.
And a tight stomach.

-David, Dave, Davie... Happy!

Of Snow and Winds.

Hey peeps!

Sorry I haven't updated in a while.. but I'll report on the weeks happenings.

My computer still wasen't working so I called up my friend Mike, plays Nero, and lives a few miles south of me in Downers. We went out to eat at this AWESOME Italian restraunt.. I told him I needed a change of pace, as we where both tired of school and work. It was over in Woodridge near a I-MAX theater. I finally ate Squid and it wasen't that bad. I picked up a Chicken dish with eggplant strips, wonderful sauce, and pasta. A GREAT place to take a date if you really want to impress them.. to bad I can't remember the name. It wasen't cheap or anything but it was totally worth the 20 bucks.

Aftwards we went next door to see "Beauitful minds". The movie really took you by surprise.. I'd advise anyone with a attention span to watch it :) Really in depth with the characters and you don't expect such a dramtic twist of the story.

We came back to my house and we worked on the computer a bit. Turns out either the mother board or the processor is not working right and C-MOS isn't even running... SOOO.... back to Ohio with my computer :) Hopefully it'll come right this time. I can't wait to hook it all up and us it. Personalize it.

Might go out tonight, might not... kinda tired. Just cleaned my room and bagged up half of my clothing (seriously) heh. I'm getting rid of all the pants and shirts in my closet and draws which I'll never wear. Thats a good 65% of them. To amvets with them I say! Dan wants me to hang out, some other peeps want to do backyard Nero... but eh, whatever.. I need to finish my other book for Humanities class. I've already read two in the past few days.

For Warm Hearts,